Dropdown Menus

On the left hand you see a vertical menu with following settings:
  • The sub menus open only when the parent item is clicked
  • The first sub menu (activiteiten) does have two columns
  • The second sub menu (groepslessen) does have a different look and feel compared to the first one
  • The items do have individual icons

On the right hand there is a vertical menu supporting right to left direction
  • It is a simple menu showing you the support of RTL (right to left direction)

In the bottom right corner there is a horizontal menu having following settings:

  • Right aligned image based menu
  • The sub menus are horizontal and right aligned to the menu

In the bottom left corner there is a second horizontal menu with following settings:

  • Left aligned image based menu
  • The first sub menu does have three columns
  • The sub menus are centered to the parent item
  • When the item "Click Me" from the first sub menu (Produits) is clicked then after page load the sub menu stays open