Accordian Hover Menus (vertical)

  • The latest menu type added to NGMenu Pro is Accordian Hover Menu supporting individual item and sub menu styling.
  • The left menu does not contain any sub menu items. It is targeting to a presentation of some art work. *
  • The second menu design shows the normal state and the third one shows the active state behavior.
  • The right menu design shows a different styling based on the same menu structure as the both black menus.
  • The Accordian Hover Menu supports css based rounded corners, box shadow, transparency and much more.
  • Transitional effects of the left menu are based on jquery and the others are based on pure css3.
  • The horizontal type of the same menu system is shown here.



* The images used in the left menu are intellectual property of Alexandra Lust. They are used in the demonstration with authorization of Alexandra Lust.